Specialist Sectors

IT Contactors – our team advises a range of IT contactors and businesses, whether you are looking for a one off service or continuous support for a new or well established business Taxplus Accountants can offer this service. We work with and have a lot of clients in this sector and understand the risks and challenges that growing companies can face. The ever evolving IT market means it is imperative to keep up to date with new changes.

Health Care/Locum Doctors/Nurses/Physiotherapist – Recent changes in Government policy and the radical reform of the National Health Service (NHS), together with changing commercial realities, have meant many medical practitioners are facing difficulties with budget and resource management. Many of our clients are healthcare workers and because of this Taxplus know how to help you make the most of the opportunities of contract work. Whether you are a Doctor, Nurse, or Physiotherapist, work for yourself, through the NHS, a housing association or local authority, you will have to consider how to organise your financial affairs. You need an adviser who knows what is happening in the primary health care sector who understands the issues facing your practice and their implications for you. We believe that simply preparing accounts and tax returns for you is not enough, you need expert and proactive accounting and finance advice. Our team of tax experts who are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants have the solutions to meet your needs. Taxplus will show you how you can maximise tax relief and how to ensure you are paid correctly and on time. We have years of experience which we draw on to make things a little less complicated and stressful. This will allow you to concentrate on delivering a service to your patients.

Care Home – Here at Taxplus, with over 19 years of experience, we understand what receiving clear, reliable and timely financial support means for you.  Our focus is to assist you in making sure you are getting the best out of your business for you and your patients. We advise our clients on their strategy, audit, and all tax and accountancy services.

Education Providers –When it comes to advising and preparing financial information for independent Education providers, tutors etc, Taxplus understands their specific reporting requirements.

Manufacturing/Retail/ Restaurants/Takeaway – We have a great deal of experience within the manufacturing sector, this is a particularly big market for our Barking branch.  Our team have significant experience advising on a whole range of manufacturing businesses, including privately owned, entrepreneurs and industry organisations.  With our practical, hands on approach we can provide you with personal services to help you achieve your goals. We provide all the core business accounts, audit and tax efficiencies required for both high street and online retail trading businesses, along with restaurants and takeaway food. We understand that for these sectors, product management, sales, stock, storage, wastage and payroll are fundamentals of their business and having these in order and accounted for is crucial for the business. So If you make goods and provide a service then make Taxplus your accountants. We aim to minimise cost, risks and tax payments but to maximize profits.

Export & Importers- HMRC have issued a guide to importing and exporting, breaking down the barriers to support businesses trading and those considering trading globally. This information pack is for anybody, whether already in business or not, who wishes to import or export goods beyond EU borders. We provide full UK tax and accountancy services, advice and guidance to businesses trading across EU or international borders. In addition to all this, we advise on the necessary official paperwork required for import or export. Contact Taxplus to ensure that the best possible financial support and tax advice is received.

Further information on HMRC guide download the full‘ Guide to Importing and Exporting – Breaking down the Barriers

Land & Properties– From large developers to landlords Taxplus’s team have been providing advice, guidance, accounting and tax services to our clients for years. Whether Buying, Selling or Letting, it is crucial to be aware of the Tax implications. Being Tax savvy can save you many thousands of pounds. It is increasingly crucial to be on top of your Tax affairs as the HMRC are cracking down on Let Properties and undisclosed or incorrect Tax Returns.

Solicitors– Recent changes in the way legal firms can organise themselves into new entities and engage in businesses and partnerships with other professions have resulted in a degree of polarisation in the legal market. We are able to offer legal practices a full range of services based on our long and broad experience. We advise you how to safely benefit from tax saving opportunities in all the principal areas of taxation. Your accounts will be prepared in the required format for submission to H.M. Revenue & Customs and for limited companies and LLPs to Companies House. Your firm’s book-keeping procedures will be maintained in accordance with SRA Accounts Rules.

Fashion/ Design – We represent a number of clients in the fashion and Design business, in such a fast-paced and competitive environment there are many issues to consider in fashion. We have them all covered and are ready to assist and advise on all elements of this industry. As a creative person, you want your finances to be taken care of by people who understand your industry. Our clients in this area range from small to international and we are able to assist on all related accountancy and taxation issues.  It is so important for personnel within the fashion industry to remain up-to-date with their affairs, particularly their financial ones. Taxplus can manage your finances to grow your business and can help to save you money when it comes to paying your annual tax bill.

Beauty- As you know working as a Beauty Therapist is both challenging and rewarding. Whether you are mobile, work from a salon or from home, there is a lot to do and having an accountant that understands your industry takes one of the hassles of being self employed or running your business away from you. Whether you have just qualified or are an experienced salon owner, Taxplus can help with all your needs. With our tailored to suit packages you will be happy you chose us.

Digital Currency- Bitcoin is perhaps the best known example of a digital currency, but hundreds of others are currently in circulation, with a variety of different characteristics. For bitcoin users, taxes will need to be paid and you will need to know how to calculate taxes owed, accurately. Let Taxplus Accountants free you of the distractions associated with keeping track of ever-changing value of your transactions, filing taxes, and complying with regulatory requirements.

We will record, report, and account for bitcoin holdings and transactions on your behalf. Failing to comply with tax laws, underpayments of taxes on virtual currency transactions, and incorrect or late reporting of the transactions may lead to penalties.

Transport & Logistics – The transport & logistics sector is very important to both the long and short-term health of our economy, they are vital to the nation’s global and domestic competitiveness and its connectivity with the rest of the world. Therefore Taxplus acts for a number of transport and logistics firms, ranging from hauliers to international couriers, and understand the challenges this dynamic sector faces. We cover all accountancy and taxation services as well as providing advice and possible solutions to problems you may face.

Energy & Utilities– In a fast-paced and ever-changing industry, maintaining strong financial and business operations depends on finding trusted accountants who focus their time, experience, and training on the energy and utility business. You can rely on Taxplus to provide this service to you.

CIS/Self-employed professional- CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme, It’s a special tax scheme just for the construction industry. If you work in the construction industry in the UK on a self employed basis then you need to complete a self assessment tax return form. This tax return needs to be submitted to HMRC by the 31st January after the end of the tax year. The CIS tax return should bring together all your income and expenditure for the relevant tax year. The standard CIS tax deduction is 20%, so if you’re a CIS subcontractor, you could have overpaid tax and be due a tax rebate. Let Taxplus help you put things in order, and up to date.

Charity – Taxplus works with a multitude of None-Profit organisations/Businesses, whether established nationally or locally.  It is important that our clients who are running such businesses understand their financial obligations, and what needs to be reported and when. There can be advantages and gains from presenting the relevant information and the difference can be significant.

Media & Publisher– As qualified accountants with over 19 years of experience, we work with publishing and media companies. As well as providing the general accounting and tax services that you would need, we provide tax advice, business advice and make recommendations. We understand that tax planning is a key requirement for many clients and we will help you to plan to minimise the tax burden your business faces.

Recruitments – From our years and experience in this business, we have learnt and we understand that every recruitment business operates differently. Like with all our sectors we tailor the services we provide according to the size and nature of your business. Whether you just need to get your basic accounts done for an affordable price, or you are looking for someone who can look after everything from payroll, bookkeeping, VAT, cash flow forecasting, accounts management, together with company secretarial and tax, we here at Taxplus can cater to your needs with all our essential accounting and Tax Services.

Online Traders– Whether you’re already working as a Sole Trader or are looking to become self-employed, our Sole Trader Accountancy Service relieves the time and hassle of working as a Sole Trader.   At Taxplus our team are all experienced enough to deliver to you what you and your business needs. We take care in extracting the relevant information and data necessary to prepare your returns. This will allow you to concentrate on your other business needs and giving you peace of mind knowing that you are always up-to-date and totally compliant with HMRC guidelines. Contact us for any questions, advice or guidance about your accountancy and taxation needs.